Rules and Regulations

cursor 4 Privacy: In the interests of privacy and confidentiality no photos or video recordings of any kind can be taken at the complex without express consent of all parties included in the photo/recording. There will be no exceptions. Anybody found taking undercover or clandestine photos, videos or recordings will be immediately asked to leave the complex and no refund given.
cursor 4 We demand full identification, both when you book and on arrival, so you may be certain of finding only genuine people here.
cursor 4 We expect both partners to have fully discussed this holiday with each other. Both parties must be fully aware of the nature of the holiday and in full agreement about joining us. We will require a signed declaration from both participants.There can be no suggestion that either partner is reluctant or has been bullied into coming.
cursor 4 Any information disclosed to us on our booking form is treated in the strictest confidence and not passed on to any third parties. Your identity and whom you come here is completely confidential. Your partner does not have to be married to you, or even your own partner; that’s nobody’s business but your own.
cursor 4 Safety & Rules of Play: Please be aware this is an adult holiday. There is no guarantee of sex and all normal rules of swinging apply. Rules of swinging are very simple: Good manners, discretion and no offence taken for a polite refusal. Safe sex is a must… we supply free condoms.
cursor 4 There is no obligation to have sex with anyone. As our guests we want you to have fun. You will not be pressurised into taking part in any activities. You can come here and enjoy the atmosphere and you will not be coerced or cajoled into taking part in any sexual activity that you aren’t sure about, or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. This is especially important for beginners who should feel safe and unpressured and allowed to go at their own pace. Everyone’s limits are respected and we expect all guests to be tactful and courteous to others.
cursor 4 We have designated areas and playrooms along with the bedrooms for sexual encounters. We find this does not put so much pressure on beginners.